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The specialist in Masks from Venice

All of our Venetian masks are handmade. A characteristic of an original Venetian mask is the base of the masks made out of papier-mâché. We also use superb materials such as gold leaf in order for decoration. Our Venetian mask makers hope that you can appreciate their magnificent and complete mask-collection, that they have designed with craftsmanship and dedication.

We sell original handmade masks

Maskshopvenice.com sells original handmade Venetian masks, which have been made by the unique papier-mâché base. Papier-mâché masks are made of layers of glue-saturated paper. After the drying process the papier-mâché mask is sanded. The results are a strong, light and flexible mask base. Due to their flexibility they can fit every face. Because our masks are made by hand and by several mask makers, each piece is unique and may therefore differ slightly from the images on the website.